Extreme parenting. 

I gave birth to the next Eddie the Eagle. I’m sure of it. He’s (nearly) 17 months and he’s such a little daredevil!! He throws himself off everything-the slide, the sofa, me! My nerves are shot to shit and I find everyday even more exhausting than normal!! 

I watch him and he will find something fun, such as going down the slide and then it obviously gets a bit dull for him and he finds new ways to “liven” it up a bit. I’m sure it’s very clever in many ways but sometimes I don’t catch him and his bruises tell the tale of a stunt baby and his nervous momma. Sure he cries for a little bit, has a cuddle, and then cracks on with the next extreme sport he’s made up. 

I didn’t sign up for a stunt baby and none of the manuals warned me of this!! Stairs, well he’s done crawling up them (I’m always there, no need for the childline calls) so now he’ll hold onto the bannister rails and every so often swing round into my legs, laughing like a drain. My god, I’m gonna have a heart attack if he carries on. 

One thing is for sure, my reflexes are getting brilliant. But I literally scream for him to stop sometimes and I think everyone things I’m being totally overbearing and overprotective but it’s because he is one step ahead of everyone!! I have to think of the worst case scenario of every obstacle cos I know that’s what he’ll do. 
Anyway, that’s off my chest. I feel better now. Going for an early night ready for tomorrow’s games of “catch the baby”. 


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