This world is a mess. 

The title says it all really. I’m not sure anyone is that interested in my views on the most recent attack, but you’re gonna get them anyway. 

I’m not so naive that I’ve seen other attacks and thought that they were too far away to affect me. I’ve been deeply affected by them all to be honest, in more ways than I realise  sometimes. I can remember vividly the moments I learnt about each one since 9/11. And there wasn’t a day that went by when I lived in London and the tube was my transport that I didn’t think about the 7/7 bombings. Especially as my local station was Edgware Road. But I think the Manchester attack is something else and I think this is how a lot of people feel. This was a target against children. Fucking innocent children. 

I have watched the news constantl to find out what’s happening and I just can’t stop the tears. Tears of sheer empathy for the most part. I can only imagine how these people feel and I can’t stop the tears. But also tears of guilt. Guilt for bringing a little boy into a world in which I can’t protect him. 

I can’t help but feel angry that the hideous monster who did this has been named ahead of a lot of the innocent people who lost their lives. I want to know who they were so that I can mourn their loss in some small way. Their lives have been lost in vain, the least we can do is console their families in anyway possible. But there is no consolation. I cannot imagine the immense pain of those parents, siblings, loved ones and friends who knew that they were sending off their beloved to see their favourite pop star only to have them not come home. How the fuck is that fair? 

I know my views aren’t particularly original and I’m not the first to say it but this shit is hard to deal with.  The whole world has changed from when I was a kid and it’s a hard shift to deal with. To process. I feel an intense anger at the world and I needed to write it down. 

We need more love. Hate breeds hate but fuck it’s hard to avoid isn’t it? Rest in Peace to those who lost their lives, all my love to those still here. 


5 thoughts on “This world is a mess. 

  1. It’s absolutely heart breaking 💔😞 however, the people who were offering a safe place to stay and the people doing free taxi lifts etc. give me hope. We need more people like them in the world Xx


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