I think I’ve already expressed my thoughts about people being free and easy with their opinions on my parenting but the continuation of implying that I’m doing it wrong or “making a rod for my own back” is, quite frankly, starting to fuck me off. 

Frankie gets up generally at 5.30am. Everyday. That is not because of my being soft on him. To be honest, the sweary rants that I have every morning at that time are beyond soft. I need to stop before he starts to say “fuck”. Between him and the dog, the early mornings are slowly killing me I’m sure. I am a person who needs a lot of sleep. But in 15 months I’ve had to cope without a lot, I should be used to it but I’m not. If I’m being honest it’s the one thing about being a mum that I really hate. 

I’ve tried leaving him to it, which sometimes works to about 6am. Occasionally 6.30. But then the dogs starts screaming cos she’s a dick and that’s it, no one (except Pete 😒) is going back to sleep. If he’s properly crying, I’m not going to leave him to do so. Not my style, good on you if you can do that but I think that’s more damaging than me shouty swearing about getting up early. 

I’m not the only parent to have a kid that wakes up early. At all. But because I’m from a family of “good sleepers”, apparently it’s my doing. I don’t mean to direct this at any one of you, but please think about what you’re saying and maybe just say it behind my back. Or not at all. That’d be nice. He wakes up early, I’m tired, that’s it. It’s no ones fault, it’s just how he is. 

I just wish CBeebies started earlier to be honest. Waking up before CBeebies is possibly the most depressing part of it. 


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