Babies are so fricking expensive! 

I started writing this post months and months ago and shelved it cos I felt a bit nervous about addressing it but I’m in a “sod it” mood so here we go!! 

Seriously. It’s ridiculous how expensive they are. I really don’t think I buy unnecessary stuff either! It’s rare that I buy him stuff that he doesn’t use or wear. Except a stupidly expensive chewy blanket thing. He hates it and I keep forcing it on him. And the Tsum Tsums but they are clearly for me anyway! He doesn’t care about Baymax, Stitch, Yoda and R2D2! 
The expense becomes evident from the minute you take a pregnancy test as you need a pay day loan just to buy a couple. I exaggerate obviously but they are crazy expensive and I’m sure they don’t need to be. 

The most annoying thing for me is how the same items in the same shop are often priced differently if they are in the baby aisle compared to the other aisles. This really pisses me off. The 2 worst culprits of this that I’ve noticed are cotton buds and little packs of raisins. I bought the latter in one shop for about £1 for 12 of the small packs, on the baby aisle they were nearly £3. That’s actually disgraceful and should be illegal. 

I think the hindsight of having a nearly 15 month old and the fact I am sorting through everything to move has made me realise what was worth the money and what was a total rip off. I may do a post all of its own on that but Pete will read it and see how much money I wasted 🙈


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