Baby interaction…

I’ve had a few instances with various people; health visitors, tattooists, strangers; that have commented on how well Frankie interacts and engages with people and that must be because I interact with him. I have found this so strange a comment, because well of course I do! Is this not odd that people would need to mention it? The friends of mine that read this that have babies I know are exactly the same so who are the people that don’t interact with their child?! Why have them otherwise? And let’s face it, who else would we talk to on those long maternity leave days!!

Frankie recently had his 9-12 month review and was such a good little performing monkey; doing everything on the questionnaire whilst she was there just so she was under no illusion that he is the best baby ever! He’s such a bloody show off! Obviously judging by the questionnaire he’s not totally out of the realms of muggle-dom by walking already and stuff. He’s just in a hurry. Which makes me sad, I miss my little baby sometimes but seeing him work things out and do things for himself is incredible.

Yeh ok, I have a wizard  There I said it. Frankie Garlick does sound like he could be in Hogwarts. Pretty sure he’d be Slytherin though, sorry Pete.

This post got weird, sorry guys.


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