Knowing that you’re in the right relationship. 

I feel I can say this with some authority since I spent a long time in the wrong relationship. Perhaps bullet points may be good for this. Also, I’m not being a smug twat, we have our ups and downs but it’s how you come out of the downs that matters most. 

  • The hard parts of the relationship have only made us stronger. Like, ridiculously so. 
  • We know what each other’s bad points are and call each other out on our shit. He can get cocky and arrogant and I am demanding and irrationally impatient. That list isn’t exhaustive…
  • We were best mates first. Then friends with benefits. Everyone thought that would be the end of us but it makes for some hilarious and highly inappropriate stories. 
  • I feel loved and protected. When you’ve spent a long time in a relationship where you don’t feel like that, this is huge for me. I know if Pete is with me, I’m safe. 
  • He quite likes that I’m a total weirdo. I heard once that hot guys secretly like the freaky weird girl (think it’s in Juno?) well, it’s true. 
  • He is the ONLY other person I have ever met who is happy to watch the same film over and over again; to watch Friends constantly; and has absolutely no issue with me skipping through songs on the iPod or radio till I find what I want. If we had nothing else that would be enough cos apparently it’s really irritating to other people. Haters gonna hate. 
  • He has no problem with the fact that I’m the worst housewife ever. I’m seriously terrible. And to be honest, I haven’t done the washing and he has no clean pants so this may be why I’ve written this post…
  • He treats me like a princess. Seriously, it’s fucking ridiculous how pandered to I am. To be honest I’m not sure I condone this type of behaviour and if you’d have asked me a few years ago I’d tell you I’d hate it but I have to admit I BLOODY LOVE IT. 
  • He is the best drinking buddy. And he dances with me. Both of these are why Frankie is here. 
  • He is such a man, he provides for his family and everything he does is for me and Frankie. He is my rock. Actually, he’s an arsehole, but I love him. 

This post has come from watching First Dates. It makes me mushy. Sorry. 


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