Mum gangs. 

Babywearing groups, boob ninjas etc etc, the list is endless. Why does there have to be a group or a gang that excludes us normal people who just want to sometimes carry their baby or couldn’t breastfeed for long due to numerous issues. I won’t go back into the breastfeeding rant, I’m sure you’re all over it! Seriously, I love that groups of mums/women come together – Constance’s Queens are an example of the girl gang done right! But these others are just out for excluding. I’m not ok with that.

 I feel like a lot of mums automatically get welcomed into these groups as soon as baby comes along, turns out I’m destined to even be a mum outsider. Sucks that my baby is well sociable too, definitely does not get that from me! 

I came across this “gang culture” when I was looking to buy a new baby carrier last week, I was asking some advice from a lady who I’d seen with one I liked and she was so helpful and pointed me in the direction of some groups on Facebook. Well I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest! I like to use a pram sometimes, I like to use a carrier sometimes; these ladies were all about “baby wearing” a term in itself which is just a bit weird. They were brand obsessed, sling vs carrier obsessed and I got scared and left the groups. I just felt really intimidated like I didn’t belong cos I only wanted a carrier as an option rather than have seventeen for every different occasion. 

So I ask you fellow mums, can we all just be Queens and feel a bit more normal all the time. I’m all about doing what’s best when it’s best and I don’t think there should be any shame in that. I love the Don’t Judge Dont Feed campaign for this exact reason. Let’s just all crack on and support each other. Don’t hate. 


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