Winging it. 

I am the type of person who needs to have ALL the information about everything. I’m a total pain in the arse. I can’t watch a film without IMDB and Wikipedia-ing the shit out of it. No joke, every film. It’s Peter’s least favourite thing about me and I’m not going to lie, I hate it about myself too. But it’s a flaw, and it’s going nowhere, so deal with it Petey 😜 On the plus side I’m good for useless trivia on films. 

So, with this in mind and as per previous posts, when I found out I was pregnant I needed all the information about everything. And then when he was born I Googled everything. And it drove me crazy. I read all I could and found all the contradictory advice infuriating. But, I have recently had a little personal breakthrough. Yay me. I haven’t stopped Googling everything, see above personality flaw. But I have come to realise that everyone does it differently and whilst I may not be perfect, I may not be conventional in a lot of ways, I may be keeping Ella’s Kitchen in business (I’m sure they don’t need my help but seriously I love that shit) but I have a very healthy and happy little dude. 

So I therefore realise that by winging it I’m doing ok. We’re doing ok. Which for a control freak like myself is a serious breakthrough. I mean I spend most of my day wondering what the fuck I’m doing but by bedtime I realise that we have done good. And my nightly conversations with Frankie about why Macca Pacca has such a mouldy ass sponge for washing faces are becoming a bit of a daily highlight! Seriously, it’s gross. Someone should tell him/her/it that that is not hygienic. 


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