Milestones ahoy!! 

My little beaut is now crawling. He’s just under 7 months and he’s off. I’ve not paid much attention to milestones and stuff cos I feel that unless there is something wrong then they will do it in their own time. But Frankie is in a hurry to grow up it would seem 😩 And the more people say “oh that’s early!” the worse I feel! 

He has 2 teeth, is sitting up and now crawling. He properly babbles as well and grabs everything and is loving his food of all descriptions! He’s just such a little boy and whilst it’s incredible to watch him grow and learn it’s heartbreaking to see at the same time. 

At each new milestone I get more of an overwhelming sense of guilt that I’ve not enjoyed him enough. And that is even more prominent now. I feel like I didn’t enjoy those tiny baby snuggles enough and didn’t make the most of him being more portable. 

I would like to think that it’s down to me that he’s such a strong willed, happy and amazing little dude but I think we’re just lucky to be honest! I’m so excited to see him grow up but I wish he’d just slow down a little bit! 


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