Take some time for yourself…

I kept getting told this when I first had Frankie and through the depths of my PND and still now and it makes me a feel a bit weird. Whilst my mum is amazing and will watch Frankie if I ask her, I don’t want to take the piss. She has her own life and is very busy and also looks after my 2 year old nephew 2 days a week so I just don’t feel comfortable demanding her time to watch him. And I’m not at a stage where I feel happy to leave him with anyone else. 

I know me time and couple time is important but I really do feel that after the shitty start we had, the time spent with Frankie is much more important. Pete works all the time, he sees Frankie for about 15-30 mins in the morning and then we have 1-2 days a week all together and I’d like to spend that time as our little family unit. We had 3 and a half years as a couple and that’s why he’s here so I want to cherish that. Also, time without both my boys doesn’t seem appealing, I don’t want to spend time on my own! It’s dull. 

I feel like I’m weird for not wanting to be away from him when everyone keeps telling me I should! We’ve had a couple of date nights where my mum has sat at our house whilst he’s asleep and I go to the hairdresser once a month and she has him for me but otherwise it’s me and my little buddy. And I kind of love that. 

I just think after the blur of the first 3 months of his little life, I don’t want to miss anything. I may be more open to going out when he’s a bit older and I feel a bit less teary anytime it’s discussed. Also, I am a little incapable of having a proper night out without alcohol and a baby and a hangover just don’t seem appealing!! 


2 thoughts on “Take some time for yourself…

  1. Uh. This is me. I feel like I’m imposing asking people to mind my little one. I love time to myself but honestly, the stress of thinking about him and my poor mam with her bad knee chasing after him makes it more hassle than its worth sometimes.


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