Why I decided to have a baby. 

When I got pregnant I think a lot of people were quite surprised. I had always professed that I didn’t want children, and that was true. Whilst I was in my marriage, I did not want children, I would not have had children with him. He didn’t want them and as I didn’t either it suited. But when I got with Pete, I softened a little. That bastard. 

I didn’t ever decide ‘right, I’m going to have a baby’. A few people have asked if its cos I am approaching 30, nope, I’m not bothered about stuff like that, I always said if I did have kids it wouldn’t be till I was 30 mainly cos that’s how old my mum was when she had my brother. It just kind of happened and we didn’t do anything to stop it. I couldn’t think of anything more natural and perfect than creating a little love child with Pete and in a very odd and corny way, we knew the night we conceived that we had made a baby. I’ll pause here whilst you throw up. 

Although, what’s with the amount of “was it planned?” questions from people when you get pregnant?! How is that appropriate!! Frankie wasn’t pre planned but that doesn’t mean he was a “mistake” either. There is a middle ground! I believe everything happens for a reason and my little dude came along exactly when he was supposed to. 


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