It’s not always about your post baby body. 

There is so much pressure on women to look amazing after having a baby. To step out of the hospital in their pre pregnancy jeans and skip down the road with their newborn. Well not literally skip (natural or c section, skipping is a precarious task) but you know what I mean. But for me the focus was my post baby mental state. I didn’t give a shit about what I looked like because I felt constantly like a rabbit caught in the headlights wondering what the fuck was happening to me and why I felt the way I did. 

I would say that I’ve not been shy in talking about my struggle with postnatal depression but I have to admit that it was only really when I started this blog that I have come to terms with it and I still don’t feel 100% comfortable discussing it in real life. There is a lot of info out there about PND but people don’t really talk about it, certainly not people that I spoke to and I fear that people still feel a little uncomfortable having that conversation with me. I have a number of people who have avoided me after finding out I’ve had “problems”, to be honest I think I would have been the same if the shoe was on the other foot. 

Rather than worry about how much someone weighs post baby or what size their jeans are why don’t we wonder how they are coping? How they are adjusting to the new world they have found themselves in overnight, the world that nothing at all can prepare you for. 

I for one felt what can only be described as shell shock initially. I was constantly terrified and totally assumed that no one else had ever felt that way. The best thing that has come out of this blog is that people that I know but not massively well, have contacted me privately to say that they have related to what I’ve said. And you guys have no idea how much that has helped me. Everytime someone has said that or liked a post I feel a bit more of the black cloud lift. 

So, thanks guys! And let’s talk about this more. Bollocks to our bellies, let’s make sure we are all coping mentally before worrying about what our pretty amazing bodies look like. You grew a human!! Let’s eat more cake. 


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