The rush of love 

This may seem odd since Frankie is 5 months old but it took me a long time to feel the pull on my heart and the severe rush of love that comes from having a baby. I was so worried I wouldn’t feel it. That’s not to say I didn’t love him all along, I loved him from the moment the pregnancy test came out positive but with my PND issues etc I just haven’t felt the rush until recently. And it’s such a rush that if I think about how much I love him I could cry. I am so pleased to finally know what everyone was talking about and feel like a “normal” mum. 

Strangely this rush of love has made me look forward to Frankie having siblings and having my heart melt all over again watching their interactions. I have a big brother and he always was and still is my absolute hero and I would love for Frankie to have a little brother or sister looking up to him. The private jokes and giggle fits that I have with my brother are priceless and seeing that for my babies will be so incredible. Just seeing Frankie’s 2 year old cousin, my brother’s little dude with him is beautiful, Thomas is so sweet and kind to him. Although he’s getting a bit fed up with the fact he can’t play cars with him yet! 

I guess I can finally understand why people want loads of kids, the love you feel is addictive. And the thought of the future is infectious. I’m so excited to see my little family grow and change. Poor Moon, she’s looking at me now like “I allowed you one, don’t give me more” 😂 I love that dog! 


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