Things I Love. 

I keep forgetting who I was before I had Frankie and rather than be a Moaning Myrtle I wanted to do a list of everything I love to remind me of who I am. I feel like I’m getting quite low again so this will hopefully give me a bit of a pick me up. This is aside from my wonderful man, beautiful boy, awesome dog and amazing family as them lot make me well happy. 

Ballet-I did ballet from 2 and still get happy tears and butterflies when I go to see a ballet. I really wanted to go to one in London whilst we lived there but never got chance, must add to my bucket list! 

Marvel films-specifically Guardians of the Galaxy, that’s my favourite. Ever. Roll on next year for the second one!! I love how interlinked all the stories are and love getting my geek on with a discussion about the MCU (Marvel Cinematic  Universe to normal people…) 

Vogue-I love beautiful things and Vogue is the bible of all things beautiful. 

Shoes-as above really. Beautiful shoes make me so happy. And awesome sneaks and Doc Martens. I’m a bit of a mish mash!

Getting dressed up-I love having an excuse to get really dressed up. The whole process of choosing an outfit and getting ready makes me so happy. It’s usually better than the actual event or night out haha! 

Deep conversations-these can be on any topic. I love learning from people and discussing anything from dog breeds to religion to Greek philosophy. I’m not so keen when a heated debate occurs but a good convo is right up my alley. 

Baths-really hot bubbly ones. Being pregnant was a nightmare cos I couldn’t have a hot bath!! 

Reading-I love reading. I like a good chick lit novel that empties my brain a bit. I’ve started reading to Frankie too, not chick lit but his own books obviously. And mainly cos the chick lit was getting a bit sexy to read to my baby. All kinds of wrong. 

Wikipedia-I’m obsessed. Seriously. My job in London was not very taxing to say the least and I spent a good portion of that year on Wikipedia. Mainly reading about serial killers. Really grisly ones. I had to go cold turkey cos I got a bit emo after a while! 

Buying stuff-literally anything new makes me happy. Pete thinks I have a problem. It can be anything from iTunes 59p song or an extravagant pair of shoes but I will be the happiest B in the world with something new. I saw a bit of Mickey Flanagan the other day about women with a new top, yep that’s me! 

The Union Jack-I’m such a magpie for anything Union Jack. I have toned myself down a bit cos at one point my dad said I went everywhere looking like a member of the BNP. Which is rude. In light of today’s result we may eventually not have a United Kingdom so I best restock! I just think it’s amazing, the colours and the “pattern” are just fab. 

Friends-not real life people. Don’t have many of them haha! But the TV show. I watch it all the time, nearly everyday. I also use a LOT of Friends phrases in everyday life and don’t understand if people don’t get the reference. Thank God Pete is as much of a fan as I am!! 

Vivienne Westwood-she’s just a queen. Her clothes are fantastic and iconic and I am obsessed with her jewellery and her orb symbol. So much so that I got it tattooed on my foot in homage to the legend that she is. 

Music-all sorts of music. My tastes range from Frank Sinatra to Metallica to Beyoncé to 50s pop. Eclectic to say the least. I also pride myself on being really good at guessing the intro to hundreds of songs. You may test me. 

I think that’s enough for now. I feel better, that was quite cathartic! 


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