Teenage Angst 

Why do so many people seem to forget what it was like to be a teenager? I can remember it like it was yesterday!! Hell, if I wasn’t paying attention and you asked me quickly how old I was i’d probably answer 17. I’m 30 in October. 30. When did that even happen?! 

I envy and pity teenagers at the same time. On the one hand they are so free and have no worries or responsibilities and can have all the fun in the world. On the other hand-hormones. All the hormones. 

I’ve always been pretty sympathetic to teenagers (cos I think I am one, down with the kids and all that, and they want my trainers!) but being pregnant reminded me of the hormone side. I was like a raging teenager-I was either as horny as a Jack Russell, slamming doors with an obligatory “I hate you” or crying at films as though I’d been told the worst news of my life. Poor Peter, I kept sending him adorable memes painting this behaviour in a hilarious light but I think he was glad to work so many hours at the time!! 

This was a bit of a pointless post but I always think teens get painted in a bad light and sometimes a bit of empathy wouldn’t go a miss. Think of the spots and awkward sex they are dealing with, poor lambs. 

Do enjoy the teenage me above, I was well cool. 


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