Send her my love…

That’s the title of a Journey song did you know? I’m really cool. 

Since having Frankie so many people have seen Pete in the pub he works at and told him to send me their love. From the off I’ve found this an odd one. Maybe it’s just that I’m a grumpy bitch but it’s so insincere, like they’ve only said it cos they feel they should say something. In a day and age where pretty much everyone is easily contactable in a number of different ways (I can think of at least 7 ways I could be contacted off the top of my head) that if they wanted to “send me their love” they could do so quite quickly and without much effort. 

I do know that from some people they don’t know us as well and so it is a sincere gesture but for the people that do know me (or did, funny how many people disappeared once Frankie came along…) I just think it’s a bit of a cop out cos they feel they have to say something to acknowledge me to Pete. We know the people who have been there and will continue to be in the future so please don’t feel like you owe us anything. It’s been quite surprising to see who has and hasn’t been present, it certainly does show you who your friends are. 

If anyone reading this has sent me their love and genuinely meant it, just text me or message me on Facebook! Let’s go for a coffee! Don’t feel like you have to say something to Pete, half the time he tells me about 2 weeks after he’s seen you anyway! But equally, don’t feel like you have to say something, I get it, I have a baby, you probably think we no longer have anything in common, that’s cool! 

Anyway, grumpy post done! Smiley sign off 😃


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