One step forward, three back. 

Just when I think I’m getting to grips with this motherhood stuff, Frankie enters a 4 month regression type of thing and the weather becomes a humid little bitch. He’s such a pain in the arse to be honest! Constant whinging; enjoys something for about 5 minutes before whinging again; requires constant holding and carrying etc etc. It’s been a fun day to say the least😒 The last few days have been a steady build up to today’s relentless nobbiness and I feel drained. 

There’s been tears from him, tears from me, I’ve irrationally shouted and feel horrendous for it but I know he’s fine and it’s just frustrating. I think whilst I’ve got the PND well under control now, days like today make me regress a little. 

He learnt yesterday in a fit of temper how to roll onto his belly but apparently in doing so forgot that he can also roll onto his back. He slept on his front last night despite us turning him into his back. Then today he’d roll onto his front and then have a meltdown cos he didn’t want to be on his front! Just a bit of a nob. Today he really was Frank the Arse as my friend affectionately nicknamed him after I was moaning one day! 

This post is merely a vent, I find it hard when I’m on my own cos Pete is at work and he has these difficult days cos I don’t enjoy him like I should. But as Scarlett O’Hara said, tomorrow is another day. That’s become my mantra! Pete is day off tomorrow so at least I can hand him over a bit. Why do they seem to play up for us? Their primary caregiver! It’s so rude! 

It’s a good job he’s cute that’s for sure. I hope he’s my happy boy again tomorrow. 


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