Maggie Moon

I feel that I really should do a post about my first born, the worlds most obnoxious Chihuahua, Maggie Moon. I’ll mention at this point that I don’t know when or why the Moon was added but she’s now rarely called Maggie, she seems ok with it. Moon is hilarious, she is such a little squirrel rat/b(r)atfink/humanoid weirdo and she was everything I was missing from my life when she came into it 6 years ago. 

She’s my furry little soulmate and I am her world as she is mine and she has been with me through the most important parts of my life. Moon was there when I got married and was with me when I left him; came with Pete and I to live in London for a year and of course now has been with me in my struggle with motherhood. I love that she’s happy if I’m happy and she’s everything you could want in a dog, unless you want to go on walks, Moon doesn’t do doggy things like that. She is also the greediest dog on the planet, a couple of months ago she ate a fair amount of chocolate, Google it and it basically says your dog will die. Not Moon, she has a stomach of steel and wasn’t even sick! The vet did say that it’s not really as dramatic as it suddenly has been made out to be though. 

I never really liked Chihuahuas as a breed, my ex had a Shar-Pei called Spike who became my boy and I’d had a beautiful British Bulldog called Frankie (yep, not sorry!) when I was 16 but tragically he died at 18 months old. I think as a kid I was more of a cat person, my old cat Dice had died a few years before and my mum broached the subject of me having a puppy randomly one Sunday. She suggested a Chihuahua and I really wasn’t keen but I looked through the pages of puppies online and wasn’t really struck until I saw this face on about the tenth page, needless to say that was it. 

I don’t know what I was about the picture but she was mine. Once we met that was it, she was everything I needed in my life; how is it that mums always know best? My relationship at the time was less than happy and this little dog brought so much light into my life at a time I needed it most but wasn’t ready to talk about how unhappy I was; it took me 2 more years to do that. 

She really is my baby and I was a little worried when I got pregnant that she’d feel pushed out but she was fantastic, loved sitting on the bump, so much so that we were all sure she’d at least be miffed her new favourite place was gone! When Frankie came along we sent a baby gro to my mums where she was staying so she could get used to his scent, she shit on it, obviously 😂 dirty cow! I wanted her to be at home when we got home so she was in her own domain when we got back rather than her coming home to change. From day one she has been great, she really has taken it all in her stride and has been fully accepting of her new person and her new role of big sister, she stands in front of him and barks when anyone comes round and loves to steal his porridge now we are starting him on solids! He thinks she’s hilarious and laughs whenever she barks and I’m so excited to see how their relationship develops. 

Throughout the difficulty of motherhood I’ve experienced, she’s once again been my rock, giving me little paw pats when I’m feeling down and curling up on me when I most need it. I can’t talk of the breed as a whole but my Moon is legendary and I feel very lucky to be her chosen human. Even when she does pee wherever she pleases. 


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