Social Media

I love social media, I am a kid of MSN Messenger and I love how far social interaction has come. To the point where it basically didn’t happen if it’s not on Facebook. I love seeing how people self edit and portray themselves in a totally different light online to how they are in real life! Like the psycho bird who makes out she’s all breezy and carefree with her inspirational posts. Yeh, pull the other one love, I know you stalked your ex and videoed him snogging some other bird. 

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good social media stalk, I can totally relate to the post going round about ending up on someone’s best mates pictures looking at their 2010 holiday to Ibiza. We don’t even know these people and we’ve just spent a good hour learning everything we can. That said it was much more fun before privacy settings kicked in. I jest of course. Sort of. 

I am also a fan of the hashtag and also a good old LOL. I love to irritate people by using these  during face to face conversations. I think it’s stuff like this that may be the reason I have so few friends… A real life FML is always a good one between me and Pete, as in “I’m feeling proper fml today.” 

I wonder where all this stuff comes from? Who developed the hashtag and the emoji? I do like the crying with laughter emoji, don’t really understand the overuse of the poop one. And I will never understand FTW. What is that about? 

I also love that you can garner support, love and friendship over the Internet with people in different countries just by posting something. I hate keyboard warriors with a passion but I think there is a lot that can be said for the anonymity of the Internet allowing people to ask for help and advice in a way that feels safe to them. Hopefully following encouragement from strangers will push people to seek help in real life. 

I think Constance Hall’s “Queens” are incredible, she has built up such a community of supportive mums and her honesty is refreshing, hilarious and heart warming. I love her! That is such a show of how important social media is and how powerful it can be for the good of mankind rather than people using it as a way of verbally bashing people down. 


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