Franklin James Henry Garlick to be precise. He’s got a right good name, took us ages to decide! But to go back a bit, Frankie wasn’t planned in the sense that we were actively “trying” for a baby but we weren’t exactly being careful and we consciously decided to wait and see what happened with regards to the pregnancy. Weirdly we both just knew as soon as we had done the deed. We were so happy, it just felt so perfect, our love for each their extended to our own little love child.

Disclaimer: this has turned into more of an essay than I anticipated! But it feels good to write it down and let it go.

I loved pregnancy, I was terrified throughout, constantly fearing the worst but I loved it all the same. Seeing my body change, having a right pair of boobs for the first time in my life and then feeling him move was just magical. Pregnancy really is a miracle. We decided we wanted to use hypnobirthing techniques and a water birth to bring our little miracle into the world, we didn’t want any medical intervention unless fully necessary. I was surprised by my earth mother way of looking at childbirth but after weighing up the options to me it wasn’t a choice, it seemed best for all of us; I would feel in control, Pete would be involved and baby wouldn’t be drugged. Little did I know my hippy ideal was never going to happen.

Frankie was due on the 24th January, what would have been my beloved Grandpa’s 100th birthday which is why he has Henry as a second middle name. Sunday 24th came and went. After two failed sweeps due to my cervix being high I was booked for an induction on Saturday 6th February but after us being there all day we were sent home due to them being too busy to induce me. Cue lots of tears, a tantrum and a McDonalds drive thru. Induction take 2 came the following day and this time they confirmed they could induce me (hurray!) which they started mid morning. I am thinking back on this now thinking “you had no idea…” And I didn’t. I had 48 hours of strong, close together contractions, Pete was amazing helping me through them using the hypnobirthing breathing techniques but then they sent him at 9pm so I was on my own. By Monday evening it was clear this baby was not coming naturally, the internal examinations made it clear that my cervix was still high (despite one doctors best effort to pull it down via my tonsils. I hate him. Add to the list of shit I wasn’t prepared for!) They finally decided they need to make provisions for a caesarean. Even though I had spent my pregnancy worrying over what could go wrong, at no point did I actually consider that I would need a c section. The doctor said that at 15 days past my due date there would usually be signs of the baby being in distress or the placenta starting to fail but he was perplexed that all was perfect but they needed to get the baby out. At that stage there was apparently no option for them to let me just wait and see a little longer, I wish I had pushed for that but I had been in hospital for 3 days and wanted to be out with my baby, I was so fed up! Peter had been with me every minute he was allowed to be which was amazing, he was and is my rock, always. He’s a good one.

To say the past few days had gone so slowly, once they made the decision to go with a caesarean things moved pretty quickly. They confirmed it at 10am and at 11.33am on Tuesday 9th February, Frankie came into the world with a shout of disdain at being taken from his comfy spot. He was perfect; 8lb 14.5oz, 10 fingers and 10 toes and the squidgiest cheeks ever. I have the say that I found the c section itself really interesting! The anaesthetist and nurses were wonderful and talked me through everything and I had my Peter by my side. I was so overwhelmed that my little boy was finally going to be here that I couldn’t stop crying but the team were all so reassuring.

And that was it, he was here! My life changed forever. I felt more love for Peter and my little dude than I ever thought possible and I actually felt my heart would burst with how in love I was feeling. I couldn’t imagine feeling anything else.



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