First blog post

Well this is my first post. I’m hoping of many but I’m a little apprehensive to say the least, I haven’t written “publicly” before and whilst I want people to read this, I’m not sure if anyone will but I guess you get nowhere without trying.

Introductions are usually are good way to start, I’m Bryony, I’m 29 years old and a first time momma to 16 week old Frankie, who is the cutest baby ever, I’m not even biased. I live with my boyfriend Peter who is a chef, we have been together for 3 and a half years and he is awesome. I am also the very proud owner of a beautiful, if totally obnoxious, Chihuahua called Maggie who is basically my first born. My username is basically the best thing I could come up with to combine my old self with my new self.

The point of the this blog is to offer an insight into my life, which may not be that interesting but I have my quirks and since having a baby I have experienced issues that I could not have possibly anticipated and I want to share my experiences. As the age old adage goes, if I can help one person then it will be worth it.

If anyone reads this then please say hello! If not I will continue to talk to myself which isn’t that unusual!


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